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Request your Android Appz

Post  AltNeo on Sun May 16, 2010 8:37 pm

Please share 1. Jorte Calendar replacement for Android default Calendar please and 2. XE Currency Converter or any stand alone currency converter that I can manually input exchange rates, need only to convert between 3-4 currency only, and as reference only, no need for up to date rates. Will install it via App Manager thru my SD card.

Although I do have a Google login, I prefer not to create a default login in my Spica, reasons are it irritates me to great extent that Android OS has to validate me almost every time when I want to use my calendar or any Google related function on my phone. I turn off my 3G and APN to save battery life and prepaid load. So it's troublesome for me.

I have since reformatted my phone sans my Google account and my Spica has been off pestering me to sync! My contacts I beamed via bluetooth, thankfully it need not sync with Google!


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